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     Our school began in 1898 near 7th St.and Boyle Ave. in a one-room schoolhouse known as Hostetter School. A new school was later built at 1314 Dacotah St. and renamed Dacotah Street School in 1927. Mr. Christopher Dena began teaching at Dacotah St. School in 1962, After service in the navy and employment in private industry in the U.S., France and England. He remained at our school as a classroom teacher until his retirement in 1992. Words used by his colleagues in describing him include integrity, conviction, sincerity, commitment, dedication, and excellence, sprinkled with a quiet, gentle sense of humor and high regard for his students and colleagues. In the fall of 1993 an effort was begun by the school staff to remain our school once again, this time in honor and memory of Mr. Dena. Through the efforts of staff, parents, and former students, a petition to rename the school was approved by the LAUSD Board of Education in 1994. The new name, Christopher Dena Elementary School, became official at the beginning of 1994-95 school year, making it the only public school in Los Angeles to be named in honor of a classroom teacher.


Mr. Christopher Dena, 1923-1993